Friday, October 16, 2009

Folkwear pattern binder

Media in the studio:  all of the extended editions of Lord Of The Rings and all of the commentaries and special features.  This has been going on for quite a while and will continue.

I' ve spent a  couple of pleasant afternoons scanning all of my extensive collection (2 file drawers full) of Folkwear patterns, fronts and backs, printing them and putting them in a binder.  This will make it much easier to browse through them, and I'll have all the yardage info at my fingertips also.

I've been collecting these for ages.  The older ones have gorgeous illustrations.  The modern ones make even gorgeous garments look dull.

Tonight I will be continuing this project with all of my other patterns, and will do a thorough weeding-out at the same time.  Those 80's shoulders will never touch my body again.  It was quite a power look for women, though, or it could have been if not for the 80's hair and the 80's earrings.