Paint and Decal Sewing Machines

A list of tutorials and other information about painting sewing machines


This was a project in which I attempted to document EVERY step in the painting and decal-ing process, and encouraged others to join me.
This link takes you to a page of links to each step in the paint along:

And earlier projects


Domestic Refurb:  Paint and Decals

DIY Water Slide Decals


Stripping the Paint from a Singer 27

Painting the Naked Singer 27

Introducing River Song!.  In which I describe the decal process and how to fix bad chrome parts


VS2 Restoration:  Cleaning and Sanding the Machine

VS2 Restoration:  Paint and Decals

Dragon-ing Up a Singer 99 and DIY gold decalse

Two techniques for adding gold to a machine:  skin tattoos and how to DIY a gold decal  on a black machine.  I consider this one of my FINEST CONTRIBUTIONS to the community of vintage sewing machine repair.  No false modesty here!

Wipe on Poly!  Gasp!  The Horror!

A Radical Approach to Sewing Machine Beauty


  1. Hi! Wondered if you got my comment on the Poly on the antique machine? Using Blogger for the first time in a while, and I may not have done something right.
    Well.. I used Poly to brighten up a Featherweight, and I love it. Of course I got a reaction on the FW group that that is a big no no for antiques. Well.. I like it. I'm not looking to sell it...Nothing else worked.. shellac.. lacquer... etc. I guess folks may feel the same way about a shiny, urethane painted pink Featherweight. Thanks for the blog. I loved it. Pat at the NJ Shore.

    1. Pat,
      I did get your comment. Your Blogger account is set to "no reply" so I can't write to you and the only way you will know I have seen this is if you check back here!

      thanks for your comments and I agree with your point of view more and more all the time.


  2. Cheryl, I just discovered your video 'How to Collect / Restore Treadle Sewing Machines with Cheryl Warren' last night while surfing the web for help with my Treadle Sewing machine(s). Loved the video, really helpful and informative. Long story short I am using my 1856 Montgomery Ward Straight stitch treadle for thread painting / embroidery. I just love it because I have way more control of where I place the stitches. ( I took the feed dogs out and the presser foot off). My next adventure is with my new Davis Vertical Feed treadle that Santa delivered earlier today, with drawers full of accessories and tools, ancient notions and extra needles, I couldn't be more thrilled, I am having so much fun and able to stitch with it after only about 10 minutes oiling and figuring out how to thread it. Anyways, my question is.... I want to use the Davis for my machine embroidery and want to take the presser foot / walking foot off. I took the two screws out of the back of it but it will not budge. I don't want to force / break it, maybe it doesn't come off??? but I saw a youtube video 'Free motion embroidery on Davis Vertical Feed' by James Rogers, showing him doing what I want to do but his machine does not have the Walking foot attached. Maybe mine is just really stuck? Please let me know if you think my walking foot can come off and if so how???


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