Monday, October 26, 2015

Paint-Along, Anyone?

I'm planning to paint a sewing machine soon, using the simplest and easiest techniques I know.

  • Begin with a functioning machine.  This will not be a repair class.
  • Take off exterior bits (slide plates, tensioner, bobbin winder)
  • Thoroughly clean and lightly sand exterior
  • Mask off openings
  • Paint with hammered Rustoleum or Hammerite paint
  • Make and apply your own decals with an ink jet printer (or buy a set)
  • Clear coat
  • Reassemble the exterior bits
Would anyone like to join me in a paint-along?  I would post instructions week by week.  You COULD follow along anonymously, but what I am really looking for is a smal group willing to more-or-less keep up AND send me digital pictures of their work each week.  I estimate a time commitment of about 5 hours a week.

Yes, I do know that this is a busy time of year.  I'm recovering from knee replacement surgery and I'm looking for a project to keep me sane.

You will probably end up spending about $100, but you will have lots of stuff left over, enough to paint and decal several more machines.  You will spend even more if you buy ready made decals. (See eBay).

So, whaddya think?  Reply in the comments below.  If you want to do it later on, tell me that too.  I'll be starting on my machine soon-ish, but we could postpone the paint along until later.