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  1. Beautiful High Arm Fiddlebase. I am restoring my great great aunts High Arm Fiddlebase. Did you make your own decals? If not, could you tell me who did? I don't live far from Hillsborough and would like to have one made for the sewing machine itself and the coffin top. Both were too far gone to save. Also, do you have any spare parts? I seem to have everything except for the coffin top lock and one of the table stays for the coffin top. Thank you.

  2. Your account is set to "no reply" so I cannot contact you directly.

    I did make the decals myself and there are directions here on the blog. Look at the top of the page for links to restoration procedures.

    No spare parts, sorry. Good luck with your restoration project and feel free to contact me again.

  3. I have a treadle machine in a beautiful coffin top cabinet. The brand is not Singer but it is Domestic (German machine made in St Louis, MO). The problem is the pedal is broken in three pieces. Do you know a source for replacement pedals? It is from the 1800’s

  4. I just saw your interview with Leah Day. I have my mother's singer red eye treadle. It still works. I would love to obtain the feet for this machine. Any suggestions? Thanks I advance. Oh yes I am a NC girl as well.

    1. Hi, Charlene

      Your account is set to "no reply" so I cannot contact you directly.

      The red eye decals were only on model 66. There were two different types of presser foot bars, though. On one of them the presser feet attach from the back (back clamping) and on the other they are side clamping. If the presser feet attach from the side you are in luck, because it will take regular low shank presser feet, such as you can buy at Joanns or Walmart. That's no automatic guarantee that they will all fit but most should.

      If you have a back clamping machine you either need some original attachments or an adapter. These are not commercially available as far as I know but there is a hobbyist active on some of the online groups who sells them from time to time. I know this is maddeningly vague but i read a lot on online sewing machine stuff and I also have a terrible memory.

      You might try one of the Facebook groups for vintage Singers and see if someone there can help.

      Lucky you to have a working family treadle! Good luck in finding the attachments.

  5. Just saw your podcast (#55) with Leah Day - thanx for all the info. I have a Vintage working Singer with a shuttle bobbin I am not sure of the model from what I heard on the podcast it may be a Singer 27. I am in search of a darning plate so I can experiment with free motion quilting on my treadle. I have a source for a darning foot but need a plate to cover the feed dogs. Do you have an idea as to where specifically I might find one? The email to reply to is my husband Dirk's my name is Judith & I thank you in advance for any suggestions you might give me.

  6. Cheryl, I just discovered your video 'How to Collect / Restore Treadle Sewing Machines with Cheryl Warren' last night while surfing the web for help with my Treadle Sewing machine(s). Loved the video, really helpful and informative. Long story short I am using my 1856 Montgomery Ward Straight stitch treadle for thread painting / embroidery. I just love it because I have way more control of where I place the stitches. ( I took the feed dogs out and the presser foot off). My next adventure is with my new Davis Vertical Feed treadle that Santa delivered earlier today, with drawers full of accessories and tools, ancient notions and extra needles, I couldn't be more thrilled, I am having so much fun and able to stitch with it after only about 10 minutes oiling and figuring out how to thread it. Anyways, my question is.... I want to use the Davis for my machine embroidery and want to take the presser foot / walking foot off. I took the two screws out of the back of it but it will not budge. I don't want to force / break it, maybe it doesn't come off??? but I saw a youtube video 'Free motion embroidery on Davis Vertical Feed' by James Rogers, showing him doing what I want to do but his machine does not have the Walking foot attached. Maybe mine is just really stuck? Please let me know if you think my walking foot can come off and if so how???


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