Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Projects

Upstairs in "Studio North" I have been treadling away on two twin bargello scrap quilts.  One top is finished and ready to go on the frame.

Downstairs in the main studio I have been working on smaller projects.  I made removable covers for two tabletop ironing boards (one for each branch of the studio).

I also made a quilted shopping bag that hangs on the back of my electric scooter.  Useful at Trader Joes, Costco, etc.  I can't remember the name of the pattern but the geometry of it was fascinating.

The apron fest has continued with a cafe apron in black cotton duck for Emily.  It's her own design, with pockets on both sides so that it is reversible. I also made a European clothespin apron, pattern free at the Mother Earth News site.  The clothespin apron is one giant pocket that you can reach into from either side. It was copied from an apron from Europe, but growing up in the Midwest I saw plenty of these, usually in a white canvas.  This one is in a denim weight cotton with a fine metallic stripe.

I will make more of the cafe aprons and embellish some of them.  To prepare for this I tested monograms and my wide variety of metallic threads.  Now I know which threads work and which don't in my embroidery machine.  The most expensive thread performed poorly (Madeira) while the mid-range Coats and Clarks did just fine.  The cheapest cone threads did as badly as the Madeira.  I'll try those later in the serger loopers.

Helen liked one of the earlier aprons but she is petite and the fit was not right on her.  So I made her one and custom-fit it to her and I'm much happier with it. She wore it on Father's Day but of course I forgot the camera so here it is on the worktable. 

This time I figured out how to add pockets without ruining the lines--a line of bias trim down the center of a pocket makes it visually disappear.

Amber mentioned that she is just about ready to start the twins on solid food, so I decided to whip up some baby bibs.  I made some smaller ones for now, and a larger version with an arm opening for the toddler age. 

The flying zebras were from a pre-quilted panel (thrift shop find).

For the next set I quilted a map fabric with a coordinating geometric for the back (back not shown).  I wanted black and white stripes for the bias tape so I made some, a project that I have had in mind for years.  I love making bias tape but it does take a while.

22 yards of black and white 1/2" double-fold bias tape!

and here are the cartographic baby bibs in their black-and-white-stripey glory!  I quilted the fabric along the latitude and longitude lines, naturally.

and if this wasn't enough, I also have two Christmas presents completed, but I'm not saying what or for whom.

Jean mentioned my aprons on the Quilted Cupcake podcast, which was a thrill for me.  and later the same month I won a drawing at her site also.  I should mention that the ironing board covers that began this post were also inspired by her.  I  have certainly made ironing board covers before for utilitarian purposes, but she mentioned making some with bright fabrics and I liked the idea.

If you have actually read this far, please leave a comment!  I love hearing from folks.

update:  babies in bibs.  ADORABLE babies in bibs!  Good job on the procreation, Amber and Greg!