Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Apron Fest

I have been listening to the Quilted Cupcake podcast and got inspired to make some aprons. Thanks, Jean!

I started with Simplicity 3544, which is a re-issued (and resized for modern bodies) set of vintage aprons.  It's a great apron and I totally love it except for one minor point:  wearing it makes me look like a large, overstuffed chintz armchair.  I thought the lines would be slimming, and maybe they would in a different fabric.  I will make this one again in a darker fabric without big leaves and grape clusters!

It's a put-on-and-leave-on-all-day apron because of the fussy cross straps and buttons in the back.

Best of all are the deep, capacious pockets in the front.

Next I downloaded a free Susan Branch apron pattern, also very vintage-y, and also with nice lines.  I knew right away that it would be too small, so started by adding an inch to the front piece. 

A while ago on eBay I found 100-meter rolls of bias tape, and used the pink on this one and the green on the other aprons.  

It was still too small and also too short, so I lengthened and widened each pattern piece and tried again.

Finally, apron perfection.  I love it except for the lack of pockets.  I gave it some thought but decided that pockets would spoil the lines.

All three of these fabrics were from the thrift shop.  This black/fruit piece was 9 yards!  Thrift shop prices are usually 50 cents to $1 a yard. 

Apron fest is not over.  I will make the cross-strap one again, some cafe aprons for Emily and a couple more vintage patterns in my collection.  Those will definitely need re-drafting, so I wanted to start with modern patterns first.

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