Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cedar Grove Quilt Show

My personal favorite from the show

Eno Presbyterian Church hosted the show

beautiful downtown Cedar Grove
It was a perfect spring day in North Carolina and Heather, baby Gryphon and I went to the annual show of the Cedar Grove Quilters.

Yes, I should have taken notes and then labelled all of these quilts with the maker's names, but I didn't.  Thought about it ahead of time, but decided to go as a quilter rather than a blogger.  Even though I knew I would blog about it.

There were a lot of quilts with the bright, vibrant colors that I love so much.

If I had to sum up why I am a quilter in one word it would be:
Love them all, and quilting gives me a reason to play with some of them.

If I were permitted one additional word it would be:

 color, color, color

Heather, Gryphon, and a fabulous double wedding ring quilt.  Color!

You know how it is at small quilt shows:  You can't always get a good angle for photography.  

The show was very nicely staged, with lots of fresh flowers and potted plants.  Some of them may have done double duty at the morning service in the church.

 There were quilts there in pastels and subdued taupe-y tones, and although they were very nice those colors just don't ring my chimes.  But black and white always does, and black and white with a pop of red is even better!

Hope you enjoyed the show.  The quilts were even better in person!  The munchies were quite munchable, too.  Thank you, Cedar Grove Quilters.

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