Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sewing Machine Cabinets

I'm selling off some of my vintage sewing machines and have the following cabinets available.  Not all machines will fit all of the cabinets, so feel free to ask questions before driving out to see one.  The machines will be listed on Raleigh Craigslist.  Search "DragonPoodle" to see what machines are available (listings will be going up throughout December).  I will not ship anything.

If you spend $100 or more on a sewing machine, then any of my available cabinets will be free with purchase.  If you spend less than that, I'll still throw in a free cabinet, but it will be a funky one.  I also have some cases available if you don't have room for a cabinet.  However, a heavy vintage sewing machine is easiest to use in a cabinet.

All of these cabinets are functional and strong.   Almost all have cosmetic "issues".  Cabinets and machines are often interchangeable--there were a couple of standard sizes.  Non-Singers will usually fit into Singer cabinets and vice-versa.

It's first come, first served and I will take the pictures down as the cabinets are sold.

The cabinet names and model numbers are my best guess based on web searches.  I am not an expert on this.
Singer cabinet model #72 or "Ardmore". Very good condition.

Probably not a Singer cabinet.  Cosmetic issues.

A Singer Queen Anne style cabinet, perhaps model #40.  This one is considered "collectible", although it too has some cosmetic issues.


  1. Wow, I wish I lived close to you instead of across the country--not that I need another sewing machine or even a sewing table, but you do have some very beautiful ones! Thank you for all the time you put into them so that they can continue to have long useful lives.

  2. Wish I was closer, and I'd take that Queen Ann cabinet and the chair off your hands. Sew pretty. At these ladies ages, you expect some cosmetic issues. At 49 years old, I have cosmetic issues of my own. ; )

  3. Dora and Cheryl,
    For some reason yahoo has stopped notifying me of posts to my blog! Thanks for your comments and I hope you see this.

    happy holidays
    Cheryl Warren

  4. Hi
    Would you be interested in selling your Queen Anne style cabinet and would you be able to ship it to Canada specifically: Mississauga Ontario L5N 5H8 and approx cost.
    many thanks,
    Susan (

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