Monday, August 18, 2014

Enfolded in Enablers

People in my life laugh at my obsession.  HOW many sewing machines do you have now?  (around 100).  I comfort myself with the knowledge that the hobby supports itself financially, since I do sell them whenever I can.  I have lost money on only a few machines that I bought in the early days before I knew what I was doing, and a few non-fixable ones that became parts machines.

Some have been given to family members.  Some I sell to friends for the amount I have invested.   Some I sell on CraigsList for a bit more (I price them to compete with the plastic machines at Walmart), and a few choice and desirable models sell for even more and those pay for the tools and supplies.  Even those sell for a tiny fraction of the price of a non-Walmart plastic machine.

Don't confuse a self-supporting hobby with making money, btw.  The hobby is fixing them up.  I don't really make anything for all the labor I put into them.  But it is not really labor to me, it is fun.

I buy at thrift shops and on CraigsList.  And I am lucky to be enfolded in enablers.  My family members find them for me.

Singer 301.  Thanks, Patty!  Patty is a serial enabler who has found and bought more than one for me.

My friends find them.

Singer 301, thanks to the late, great Jan.

Friends of family members find them for me.  And then become friends of my own.  You know who you are, Jenny!  Even husbands of friends of family members get into the act.

Singer 285.  Thanks, Jenny!

Singer 401.  Jenny's husband Charlie bought me one of these.  Thanks!  Ignore the bamboo chopstick spool pins, btw.

My guild buddies find them.  Or even donate them!

Singer cabinet with bonnet and extension table.  Thanks, Sherri!

Myra and Dexter refinished it for me.  Thanks, y'all!

And a nice Singer model 27 inside.  

One of my late husband's buddies called me up to tell me about a beautiful treadle he saw at an estate sale.   I spent a happy week restoring this one and it really is gorgeous. I never planned to keep it, I am drowning in treadles now.  But for the purchase price of $25 I got a week of fabulous occupational therapy.

Probably the prettiest cabinet to come through my hands.  Thanks, John!

Fortunately Myra was more than willing to take it off my hands.  We are bartering:  I get lots and lots of fresh eggs from her hens, one dozen a week.

Myra's new Red Eye, a Singer model 66

Former customers call or email to tell me about machines they have spotted in the wild.

My formerly imaginary friend* Linda also calls me with sightings from time to time, but since she lives about 2 hours away I haven't actually succumbed to any of her temptations.  Yet.
*originally only knew her online, but now we are in-person friends

And recently a local blog friend found one for me.  Meaning that she lives nearby, she commented on my blog and then we met for lunch.  She does some amazing work herself, and sells paper flowers, stationery, and recovered cases on etsy.  And you can see more pictures of her gorgeous paper flowers here on instagram.

Thanks, Maureen!
I think that buying me a sewing machine transforms her from a blog-friend to a real-friend, don't you?

Completely as-found, I have not even wiped off the dirt yet.  Imagine how good this will look restored!

How lucky can a DragonPoodle be?


  1. I don't think my comment went through.
    I love looking at the machines you restore.
    I recently purchased a Singer 185K ($20.00) that looks like your 285.
    I cleaned it up, replaced the belt and it sews wonderfully.
    Thanks so much for publishing photos of these wonderful treasures.

  2. Saw a National 2 spool yesterday on Craigslist! Looks like it had the canister too!!! ;-)

  3. Thank you, Cheryl, your formerly imaginary, now real, friend Maureen. ;-) I keep looking, you know ....

    1. and I am looking for recoverable cases for you, Maureen. No luck yet, though.

  4. Dear DPoodle, Your posts are inspiring! I am beginning to acquire donations too! They have been more exciting than the ones purchased. It is so fun just to see how they work! But recently God has helped me loose the unneeded ones, so, that is a break. Currently working on Necchi Supernova. Such artistry! Thanks for sharing : ) Bless you

  5. It's hard to say no to a friend!


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