Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Machine for Clinton

Long time readers may remember that I occasionally use this blog to communicate with one person.  This is one of those times.  I'm working on a sweet little 3/4 size pale iris Kenmore hand crank conversion for 5 year old Nellie.  You will see it when it is finished.  Her brother now also wants a sewing machine.

Have Clinton take a look at these two machines and see if either one appeals to him.  I can do any color he wants of course, but it would take longer.

These are pictures of machines I have converted to hand crank in the past.  I have these models on hand right now.

The black one might say "Singer" rather than "Spartan" but it is basically the same machine.

I'm partial to the green one but it is mechanically the same as the black one above.

I would add his name to whichever one he wants.

Let me know what he thinks!



  1. I am teaching my grandson (5) and granddaughter (3) how to sew on a handcrank that I made out of a Spartan! I am doing pillowcases with them and glueing the seams with washable Elmer's glue to avoid pins and mishaps. I am hoping they stay interested!


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