Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This post is for Clinton and Nellie

and maybe even for their parents.

Long time readers know that I occasionally use this blog to communicate with just one or two people.  It's just the easiest way I have to show a bunch of photos and text.  It isn't secret so you can read it if you want to.

Dear Nellie and Clinton,
I will be visiting with you soon!  And I can't wait to see you.  I had a lot of fun with you last year and I am very happy to be coming back to see both of you again.

Your mom told me that Nellie is interested in doing some more sewing.  We can make pencil cases or other small bags with zippers.  They can be different sizes (from tiny to small) and different shapes.

If you have ideas about another sewing project you want to do, just let me know.


Everybody should pick two fabrics.  This is to make two separate bags (if you want to) so the fabrics don't have to go together.

For most of them I have enough so that more than one person can choose the same fabric.

(Note to Greg:  Clinton's sewing machine is perfect for the kind of tailor/repair stuff you want to do.  So pick some fabrics for yourself because this is the perfect way to learn to use it.)

(Note to Amber:  Of course you can pick some fabric and make some bags too.  These will be about the size of cosmetic bags.)

Long time readers (if any of you are still here) can now appreciate the time that usually goes into photo editing.  Because I didn't do any of it for these photos,


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