Monday, November 20, 2017

What is this machine worth, mwahahaha?

Update:  Bernadette informed me on Facebook that:
"The Windsor B is a National  sold by Montgomery Wards. In the US it's worth the same as all the other National machines out there, people try to work out value by googling the name on the machine and think it's rare because not much information comes up. "

My friend Pam has an antiques shop in Texas, although she claims it s a junk shop.  If so she has great taste in junk.

She runs into beautiful sewing machines while she is out looking around and often asks me "how much is this worth?"

And I laugh.

The answer is always the same:  whatever somebody is willing to pay.

But I love seeing the photos and occasionally I am able to give her some useful information.

The latest one is a Windsor B in a lovely cabinet, and with nice decals.

I know nothing about Windsor B's, but I;m guessing someone out there does.  Please chime in if you do in the comments below.

Here's how I know Pam.  Once upon a time there was a wonderful woman named Jan.  I considered her my BF.  So did Pam.  So did Becky.  So did Nancy.  And Jan really did have a heart big enough to be BFs with all of us.  Really.  And we are all still friends with each other.  And we all still have, and forever will have, a gaping hole in our hearts where Jan used to be.

btw, before Pam got to the Windsor B, someone else bought it.  Such is life.  But I include it here because I assume you never get tired of looking at old sewing machines.  I know I never do.


  1. It looks so lovely. I love the cabinet. Your friend Jan sounds like one in a million.

  2. Lovely machine. Too bad someone beat her to it. Where in Texas???? (it's my home state)

  3. We were gifted a Windsor treadle at one time. Hubby dutifully rebuilt one drawer bank and a piece of trim. Cleaned her all up and....the gifter felt AWFUL for parting with it, so we gifted it back! They wanted to make up for it and had this ole machine they didn't want, but would I take that in place of the Windsor? Yep, that's how I got my Willcox & Gibbs (which I later turned into a hand crank!) Love your blog - thought I'd come out of lurkdom and say hi, lol!

  4. That machine and everything that goes with it is suh-weet. How could it not be, with that harp space.

    1. Yes, I'm surprised that more people don't talk about the fabulous harp space on some machines of this era.

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