Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing the girls

You met Sophie in the last post.  It took me a year of watching on eBay to find the right sized wire dress form at a reasonable price.  If you are thinking about a dress form to use, rather than just to for display or decoration, think wire.  It conforms perfectly to your body, which in my case means one shoulder a couple of inches lower than the other.  Any dress form that didn't follow my exact lines would be useless as a fit model.

On the other hand, there she stands, a mute yet irrefutable testament to my true and exact shape.  The fact that she is transparent helps, but not much.

I'm not usually one to give names to inanimate objects.  None of my sewing machines have names.  Sophie named herself.  Don't ask me to explain this, you either get it or you don't.  I thought I could come up with a better name for her, and I tried to think of one.  She stubbornly remained Sophie.  Eventually I just quit thinking about it.  Sophie she is.

Scissor Girl was the first to join Sophie.  She organizes the work-a-day scissors, including
  • Some awesome 14 inch shears that I found at Harbor Freight
  • Tiny double curved scissors for cutting embroidery threads in the hoop
  • Cheap aluminum scissors for cutting paper
  • Cheap titanium scissors for everyday fabric cutting  (the Ginghers are in a case in a drawer)
  • Two pairs of small scissors that I use as thread snips.  I would probably like thread snips if I could ever remember to buy some.

The Pin Girls arrived next.  One of them hosts flower-headed pins and T-pins, and another has glass-headed silk pins.  One is just hanging around waiting to be given some work to do.

Wire Girl was pretty adorable just the way she came in the door, but she has to work for a living just like the other girls do.

Colorful sharpies form the front of her skirt.  Her back holds black sharpies of all sizes, mechanical pencils, ballpoint and gel pens, chalk pen, and a clip on led light.

She lives on the giant lazy susan/rotating cutting mat, so all the pens are right at hand.  And I can just pull the a sharpie off of
Wire Girl, leaving the top attached and then just shove the pen back in the same spot.  This works for me.

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