Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Joy

Look what Jan found at the Habitat store!  and since she does not sew, it is now MINE, MNE, ALL MINE, mwahahahahah!

We were in there together, and I ALWAYS look at all the sewing machines, because I have had such good luck in there before.  But this one was tucked away on the building supplies side of the store (maybe hidden over there by someone who meant to come back and claim it?).  Anyhow, I totally missed it.  We were back in the car and on the way to Torero's when she said "you saw the Singer, didn't you?"  After a few questions (was it a new one?  no, looked like 1950's.  what color was it?  beige) we did a U-turn on 15-501 and went back for it.

Reading the vintage sewing machine bulletin boards over the last several months has alerted me to the desirable models to look for, and they don't get much more desirable than a Singer 301. 

This has its fair share of grunge, but everything works.  Once I get some gear lubricant I will give it a good clean, oil and lube job and get her on the road.  There is no carrying case or any attachments, but it does have the straight stitch presser foot, the bobbin case and one bobbin.  I'll only use it for quilting, so I really don't  need anything other than that one foot, and a few extra bobbins.  The truly awesome manual was available online for free, so we are good to go.

Thanks, Jan!  It's great to have a friend who "gets it" (my SMAD, Sewing Machine Acquisition Disorder*) and who is willing to humor me!

*I think it was Carma Sue on the treadleon bulletin board who came up with this diagnosis.

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  1. Hi there,
    I saw your blog on TreadleOn and wanted to read about someone else with SMAD. I love the 301's. Bought my first one from Cindy Peters, but didn't bond with it. My sister, another non-sewing enabler found my second one at a yard sale for 5 dollars and that included the cabinet. It sews a treat and made me go back to my first one and get it all lubed and working fine. I got my third one at the River Rat Toga this last fall and got a Trapezoid Cabinet for it at the same time.
    So I need three of them? NO. But I want four of them as I am looking for one with the long bed. Haven't found it yet.
    I am at
    Hugs, Nancy


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