Tuesday, August 9, 2011

eBay humor: battery powdered sewing machine

Check out this listing for a Singer 206.  At least they claim it is a 206, but the ad is so full of unintentional humor that I wouldn't take their word for anything.  I've never seen a 206 in the wild.

the title is the first clue that some chuckles are coming: "SINGER SEWING MACHINES MODEL 206K"
How many machines?  One, apparently.

Cruise on past the grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization errors to the end of the listing which states
"original electrical cord + battery powdered box"

and just in case you think I am being too tough on the seller, remember I DID just tell you to cruise on past all the tell-tale signs of a non-native English speaker.  That's not what I am laughing at.  Honestly.  If I wrote a listing in Spanish, which I might just manage, it would be on a par with this.

it's the "battery powdered box" which cracked me up.  That, and one of the photos.  Top row, second from the right.  Just what IS that object shown with the motor controller?

Why, it is an audio mixer of course.  I'm just SURE you also use an audio mixer with the battery powdered box on your sewing machine.  Don't you?


  1. lol! maybe it makes it sound as good as a 201!
    Gwen, the vintage seamstress

  2. Sometimes we just have to shake our heads in wonder. Hmmm.... My battery powered machines are all toy machines. Maybe they are trying to make a 'sweet' deal. Making sure it's 'mixed' well.

  3. Cheryl, it's not a mixer, it's one of those cheap battery chargers. Still makes you wonder though.....

  4. hey you're right, it's a battery charger. for the battery powdered box, obviously!

    that's what I get for looking at pics on my netbook. It was funnier as an audio mixer, too.

  5. I too thought it was a mixer - very funny because the Singer might be recording a song. But its a battery charger. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Again-and-Again-Nickel-Cadmium-Battery-Charger-/310249865633

  6. all of you are even funnier than I am!


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