Friday, July 21, 2017

201 Restoration

Hello there, dear readers.  I always mean to blog more frequently.  Then I don't.  Did you miss me, lol?

About a year ago I met lovely Stevi and her adorable daughter.  Stevi found my blog online and discovered that we live nearby, so she contacted me.  We did some sewing machine related stuff.  But I can't remember much of what I did yesterday, let alone a whole year ago, so I can't tell you about it.  But she did go home with the 201 shown in the picture.  You cant tell from the photo, but it was a basket case with truly terrifying wiring.

And last week I heard from Stevi again.  She has completed a restoration of that 201!

She says it still needs polishing but it is working well and she sewed a small bag on it.

Congratulations, Stevi!


I have been doing some sewing machine stuff, which I plan to blog about eventually.  But mostly what I have been doing is weaving.  I bought a loom for twined weaving and have made one 3' x 5' rug and am working on another one.

Experience has taught me that blogging about anything other than sewing machines goes over with a dull thud.  And that's OK.  But I will show you the weaving if you like.  Just ask!  LOL.


And if you live in the Piedmont of North Carolina and we have not met in person, consider dropping me a line and we can meet for lunch somewhere and talk about sewing machines.  Just ask my formerly imaginary friends Linda and Barbara how well that works!


  1. I like seeing most things fiber related. I've never used either of my 201's.

  2. It's really nice to meet blogger friends in person. In fact, it was through a blogger that I learned about TOGA, and I have now been going for four years. I have thought about looking for a 201 because I have heard such good things about them, but I have a 15-91 and can't imagine anything could be better. HA! And I would like to see your rugs. I do other crafts besides sewing quilts and love to see other's creations

  3. Ha! I always enjoy hearing about fiber-related stuff! What is twined weaving? (I know nothing!)
    I have 2 201s, one treadle, one electric and I love them both. Smooth, quiet sewing and they stitch through just about anything!

  4. Thank you for enabling Stevi to become a vintage sewing machine goddess! She did a great job.

  5. I've thought about purchasing a loom to twine rugs and mats, but that's as far as I've gotten. Love to see your rug and work in progress.
    My collection contains a few 201s. One 201K4 is from BJ's (Vintage Singer) collection. My favorite is a 201K2 that I found at a local thrift shop when shopping with Ray Sew Slow Waganka.

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  7. Hi! It was a great visit, and you were a wonderful hostess! The 201 and I have been put to work on doll clothes and miscellaneous mending. I've got a dress cut out for daughter up next. Love having a cabinet machine instead of having to lug a machine up and down stairs to the dining table. hoping for a nice treadle to magically 😉 appear.

    I spin and knit, but have very deliberately avoided the weaving rabbit hole. Would love to see some of your work!


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