Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Usual Disclaimers

I don't know why it took me YEARS to think of this.  Instead of explaining these things over and over again in the posts, here they all are in one handy post that I can link to.


I am not an expert.  I do all of this for fun and I enjoy experimenting.  I make mistakes and really enjoy telling you about them when I do.

In summary
I am not an expert.
I am not an expert.
I am not an expert.

I don't mind when people contact me and ask for advice because I love talking about sewing machines.  BUT
I am not an expert.

Nobody pays me to promote products.  I mention brand names and sometimes link to the specific products I use when I am discussing how-to techniques.  There may be other products that would do the same thing, maybe even better.  But when you are tackling a brand new type of project for the very first time I'm hoping it will help you to see exactly what someone else did.

There was one time I got a product free in return for my (very insignificant) help during the design process and not only did I reveal this, I bragged about it.  See, I'm still talking about it all these years later.

The purpose of my photos is to show you something, often details of a specific tool, device, supply, or technique.  I alter photos to enhance the clarity of the information they are supposed to be providing.  They may have been cropped, rotated, enhanced, backlit or anything else that can be done with the a click or two on the free photo editing software I use, Photoscape.  Kind of like Adobe Elements.  But free.  I have used it for years and years.

So don't be surprised if the color of my living room walls (or anything else) changes from one photo to the next.  An especially astute reader once noticed that I seemed to be left handed in one photo and right handed in another.  No, I had flipped one of those photos (for reasons I don't remember).

And black sewing machines are a NIGHTMARE to photograph.  By the time I finish tweaking the picture to convey some detail, everything in the photo probably looks like it slipped through from an alternate universe on a planet under an alien sun.  Probably purple.


  1. You rotated a photo?

    I missed it. Well, I have rereading to do.
    All good stuff for the new year.

  2. Happy New Year! Are you working on any machines right now? I haven't had time to work on any for months now.

  3. I think I am picking up a Wards Signature for my son's girlfriend. She needs something to patch clothes. I thought about giving her the Singer 237 but I just can't part with it. I feel like no one appreciates that machine but me :) The wards is a UHT J276D and seems to be all metal. She doesn't need the fancy stitches but I think it will do.

    And I'm close to packing up my treadles. So far, just moving them out of the house makes me sad.


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