Sunday, June 14, 2015

NC TOGA day five

Saturday is the last day of the TOGA.  The minute I walked in the door Carolyn came up to tell me that she woke up thinking about the little Fleetwood.  So that went home with her and I ended up selling all of the machines that I had brought.

We also exchange quilt blocks made on our people powered machines (treadles and hand cranks).  Ginger and family sorted them out.  I have her permission to show this photo of her daughter.  I mention this EVERY TIME because we all need to be careful about posting photos of children and young persons on the web.

My formerly imaginary friend Elizabeth stopped at IKEA on her way to the TOGA and picked up lights for her quilting friends.  She found one for me that is a near perfect match for Shield Maiden.

I really needed a light for this machine too. It lives in the antique sewing machine museum, AKA the living room and the ott lights just don't fit in with the decor.  This is the machine that sewed all my exchange blocks this year, btw.

We finish up around noonish with a raffle.  There were many wonderful things that I did not win, but I did take home two Singer slant shank buttonholers, one Jetson pink and one of the later ones with 20 templates.

And I won a Singer 99.  Because I need more sewing machines, right?

Great TOGA and I am already looking forward to next year.


  1. You are going to love your little Ikea lamp. With the nearest Ikea 430 miles away, one of my friends from afar volunteered to buy three and ship them to me. (At the time Ikea would not ship them.) I gave one to my College Girl, keep one for reading in bed, and the third travels from sewing machine to sewing machine.

  2. Great light for Shield Maiden. I have several, but, not one in that color. I love 99's!

  3. Is the Shield Maiden one you painted, or is that an original color?

  4. The Fleetwood is gorgeous. I wish they had TOGA near my state...much envy! Many of your members (myself included) enjoy reading your blog very much. It has recently been a great way to participate in TOGA when we cannot be there. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I just missed the TOGA event. :-( So dissapointed since I live in Monroe! I just didn't know about it. Is there a group of Treadlers that meet throughout the year around here? In any case, I will defenitely be there next year! Thanks. :-)


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