Friday, June 12, 2015

NC TOGA day four

Lovely drive to the TOGA through the wheat and corn fields of North Carolina.  Reminds me of home back in Ohio and not the crops that first spring to mind when you think of NC.  Tobacco is not gone, but it is no longer massively subsidized by the federal government.

Today is a big day.  Many people just come for today and tomorrow, some just for today.  Lots of sewing, chatting, buying and selling.

I sold all of the machines that I brought except for the little Fleetwood.  My price on that one is set at "this is what it would take to pry it out of my hands".  I would not have been surprised if it had sold and am equally unsurprised that it did not sell.  I'll be glad to take it back home with me.

And I bought two machines from Melissa.  Quite a deal, actually.  I gave her 4 vintage sewing books and $8.  She gave me a Singer 66 in rough shape and a potentially pretty mint green 15 clone.  It's deals like this that keep my house overflowing with sewing machines.  Both will be converted to hand cranks and the 66 will be extravagantly painted and decaled--- my current obsession.

Vicki bought two machines from me to go with her collection of Singer 15s.  A 15-125 and a very old 15-20 something.

Sherry bought a 301.  And I have arranged with Ann to sell her another 301 I have in a cabinet the next time she drives by my little town.

I bought a rose embossed case from Nanette for my Kenmore 1040 to replace its slightly broken case.  

The church sanctuary was draped in quilts as usual, all at least partially made on a hand crank or treadle.

Went out to dinner with the gang and I took a photo but never got the chance to ask if it was OK with everyone to show their pictures.  So I'm not.

This last photo is for my friend Pam in Texas who sent me a vintage pincushion that her grandmother had made that is exactly like this.  Very beautiful.

Tomorrow is the last day of the TOGA.


  1. Love that room full of people and mostly-people-powered machines! There are some very nice machines there. Love the sanctuary full of quilts too!

  2. Oh boy, all that fun! Looks terrific! I love the 301s best of all, but all the other Singers are ok also. I have a Kenmore 1030 and it is great for classes. Quilts look great!

  3. I'd keep that Fleetwood, too! Pretty machine. Wish I was closer so that I could learn 'hands on' about repainting machines. I showed 2 of yours to my son. He loved the names (he is into sci-fi/fantasy).

  4. How fun! So your TOGA is in a church building?


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