Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NC TOGA day two

'Hey, my iPad keyboard has reappeared!  Whoo hoo!  No more talking slowly and getting names wrong!  

Linda with the Singer 12 in yesterday's post is really Lynda.  And Edna was there too but I did not get her photo.

One of the TOGA traditions is to put a sewing machine in the window.  Most of us stay in the same hotel and it helps us find each other.  It works, too, several people have stopped by.  I think the reflection selfie is a nice touch.

Today was a chill out day for me.  Last year I had a health meltdown mid week that ruined much of the fun.  This year I am trying to take it easy and go the distance.  So I skipped Edna's classes today.  Slept in until 10.  Talked on the phone to Linda (spelled correctly) for an hour.  Got coffee and doughnuts (yeah, right, I do know how healthy THAT Is).  Drove around and hit a couple of thrift stores---because that is my life.

Found nice pieces of what I call REAL batik, what batik looked like for centuries before millions of quilters decided they had to have it and it got dumbed down in the mass production process. 

The selvedge says "Super Puissance Wax".  Puissance is a word that I could both spell upon hearing or pronounce upon seeing without having the slightest idea what it means.  The joys and perils of geekdom.  I will be googling it upon finishing this post.

Definitely produced for the African market, either in Africa or India.  Indonesian batiks are distinctly different (still talking about the real ones, btw).

I do like modern quilting batiks and the fabric quality is very good, but they look nothing like this.  I like social science too (I am a geographer by disposition and training) but I don't confuse the social science  side of the house with SCIENCE.  (Actually physical geography does do real science, we are a schizophrenic discipline).

Back to the hotel for more chilling out and having fruit for lunch, thus restoring my self-esteem.  Just kidding, I like fruit as much as I like doughnuts and I pretty much ignore my self-esteem.  Life is so much easier that way.

Maria showed up to claim 3 of my sewing machines:  Singer 201, Adler Belvedere, and the little National with a makeshift hand wheel knob.  

Out to dinner.  Nothing quite as raucous as a group of (mostly) old ladies.  Overheard down the table:  "you are not having enough sex".  Kind of surprising because it is really not that kind of raucous.

Turns out s.e.x. means Stash Enhancing eXperience.  


  1. Ooh, that cloth is a wax print! They have a complicated history, to the point that it could even have been printed in The Netherlands... I have a small stash of thrift store wax prints. The one you found is fantastic.

  2. Love the hand crank in the window! Stay healthy! Have fun (yes, you can do both).

  3. If you aren't having enough SEX, then you probably aren't having many FARTs (Fabric Acquisition Road Trips), either.

  4. that wax print is delicious! And you got a fairly large piece!! You lucky thang!
    Susan in Va


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