Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 NC TOGA day 2: I wasn't there

no post on today's TOGA.  Edna held a class.  I went shopping.

I know from experience that on EVERY trip something important gets forgotten.  I decided decades ago that I would never let this bother me.

The worst time was when I showed up at my friend Mary's house in Baltimore.  Her then-teenage son came out to help me unload the car.  "Could you get my suitcase out of the back seat?"  I asked him.
"What suitcase?"   Next morning Mary and I were in K-Mart buying me some underwear.

Not so bad this time.  I went to get dressed this morning and found that I had not packed my jeans.  The only pants I had with me were the baggy saggy knit pants I wear to the gym (and for the drive yesterday).  So, shopping.  Goodwill to the rescue. I was planning to hit the local thrift shops today anyway.  And now I have a pair of jeans to get me through the week.

There's a similar legendary story about a woman from Cincinnati who came all the way to the NC TOGA only to discover that her clothes had not made the trip.  To this day she is known as "Peeled Pam".  Peeled because we are all known as onions, an early corruption of treadleonians.

Green onion (meaning a newbie) and formerly imaginary friend Barbara will be here tomorrow, as will long-time onion Linda with her onion sprout, young Naomi.  Linda is another formerly imaginary friend, meaning that we first knew each other only online (my imaginary friends).

and purple onions are those who injure themselves while working on sewing machines.  been there, done that.

any other onion terms out there?

see you tomorrow


  1. I was a green onion, now a more seasoned onion. I've been a purple onion, but, so far, and hopefully never a peeled onion. At least you got to hit the thrift stores. I stopped at one today, and found a green Jetson case. It's taped closed, so, hopefully all the pieces are in it. Have fun at the TOGA! Hubby did go off and leave all his hanging clothes one time.

  2. McCoy, Hall, Scio, Weller, Homer Laughlin...I live in Western PA 20 miles from the Ohio and West VA borders and I get it :-). Good score for you!!

  3. YOU are hilarious! So glad you didn't forget anything important this time! So fun!


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