Monday, June 20, 2016

2016 NC TOGA day 6: sewing and raffle and goodbye

Saturday is the last day of the TOGA.

but first, a story from earlier in the week.

One of the machines I brought to work on was a lovely two-tone teal (try saying that three times fast) Viscount postwar Japanese zigzagger.  Maureen found it at a thrift store and gave it to me ages ago.  It has been almost a year since I have worked on machines, what with all the fuss over getting brand new knees and all.  On the way out of the house I grabbed it and brought it along.

Wiped off the minimal exterior dirt, oiled and lubed it and that was all it needed.  Very clean inside.

Naomi fell in love with it and asked if she could have it.  She is a petite nine-year-old.  The machine weighs 45 pounds.  So I jokingly said that when she was older and could pick up a 45 pound machine, I would have a nice one for her.  But that would be several years in the future.

You can see where this is going, can't you?

Of course she walked across the room and picked it up.  And held it there.  For a while.

She has named her new two-tone teal machine "Dragon".

Now for Saturday's events.

Susan taught a class on making little zipper bags.

Melissa shows off the bag she made.

Fuzzy photo, but SUCH a nice smile from Susan I had to include it!

The last one is mine.  Proving that we do not discriminate against "tailed" machines (tailing an electric cord--attached to a motor).

and our annual group photo

White haired old biddy top right holding up the pillar:  DragonPoodle

The sanctuary in the church is draped in quilts, all made at least partially on treadles or hand cranks.

The final event of the TOGA is the raffle. Most of us bring things ranging from horrible things that we just want to get rid of (see my Singer 328?) to wonderful vintage treasures.  Proceeds from the raffle go to the church that hosts us.  I won a bunch of stuff, as did Barbara.  And Naomi won that little sewing machine figurine you can see in the front of the photo.  The rest of the photos I took of the table are even worse than this one, but trust me there was lots of stuff there.

I'm still unpacking and photographing all my loot from the week.  Look for that in a future post.

Now for the hard part--waiting all year for the next TOGA!


  1. Thank you for the post. I think fun was had by all. I enjoyed Edna's paper piecing class with my bestie friend, Melinda Mcmahan. I also had a tailed machine. I actually have a hand crank. Susan Mullis keeps wanting me to bring it.. I am slow enough with the Featherweight !!! I want to thank everyone for excepting me and my little tailed machine.. LQQKing forward to next time.. Fawn Rhoda.

  2. You are NOT an old biddy! Naomi picked a pretty machine. Good for her. Lots of lovely machines to drool over, too.

  3. OH my goodness... what fun! Wish I was there to see all those gorgeous machines!

  4. OH my goodness... what fun! Wish I was there to see all those gorgeous machines!


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