Thursday, June 16, 2016

NC TOGA day 3: the hordes arrive

Well, maybe not hordes. Several people anyway, including the ones I was waiting for.

Checked out the church first thing, and Edna was continuing her teaching.

Some quilty goodness was laid out on the tables.

and I took photos of a couple more of the machines I worked on yesterday.

Singer 66
Rusty and frozen when I got it.  After a few drops of oil it is now rusty and turning freely.  Want it?

Singer 328K
I know that the Singer 328 can be treadled and people are often looking for zig-zag machines to treadle.  This model take Singer flat cams, so it can do a lot more than just zz.  What I DON'T know is how to disconnect the motor for treadling.  So I brought it along in the hope that someone else will know.  and I hope someone takes it off my hands--I have another 328 at home.

Another classic Singer turned up in the church hall, a black 301 short bed model.  .

then I headed off for more thrift store shopping.  4 stores in 2 days but only one sewing machine, a nice Domestic zz in a cabinet and already marked "sold".  However, pretty much the minute I walked into the Salvation Army store in nearby Indian Trail I spied THIS

I didn't even need to turn it upside down to see THIS.  I knew just from looking at it.  $2.99, btw.

Not a chip nor crack nor scratch nor any crazing.  I know it is not a sewing machine but I just had to show it to you.  You either get it or not.  It's another Ohio-girl passion of mine.

By this time my friend Barbara had arrived.  I picked her up and we went back to Indian Trail to a Peruvian restaurant I had spotted on the highway, La Cancha.

One daughter once lived with a chef, so I know that taking pictures of your food is a thing.  But not a thing that I normally do.  But this food was fantastic.  And I am stopping again on Saturday to take some home with me.

Barbara left her Singer 626 with me to check out.  Linda and Naomi arrived around 5 and we took a look.  All metal gears, which Barbara reports is only true of the early 626s.  Part way through the run they began introducing plastic parts.  And I am sorry I did not get a photo of the front of it, which has a PINK faceplate.  I'll get a pic on Friday.

Singer 626.
It is TOGA tradition to put a sewing machine in the window of our hotel room.

another DragonPoodle shadow selfie

Two-tone teal Viscount Zigzagger.  
The four of us went to Knife and Fork for dinner, where I had the eggs again and they were just as good as last time.  Barbara proclaimed the country fried steak excellent, and the fried okra fresh and delicious, not formerly frozen and all slimy like frozen okra gets, ugh.

Back at the hotel Linda showed me a gem of a sewing machine from the 1870's restored by her father.  From the shape I thought it was a chainstitcher, but no, it is a lock stitch, boat shuttle machine.  I don't remember the name and Linda and Naomi have been sound asleep for an hour now.  I'm not going to wake her up to ask her, but I will come back tomorrow and edit this post and put the name in.

I have been admiring this adorable car all week in the hotel parking lot.  isn't it cute?

and one more non-sewing machine thing.  I found this dragon at the thrift store today.  Pretty sure the wizard had his other hand when I bought it.  Oh well, at least it wasn't the McCoy vase that took a hit.


  1. Thanks for the photos and updates! Love the McCoy vase!! The quilts were fantastic.

  2. A McCoy!!!! For how much!!!! What an incredible find!!! I'm enjoying your posts.

  3. Linda's machine is lovely. That wizard will go nicely by one of your repainted machines. Keep having fun.

  4. I sew with a treadle Singer 328k. It is not an easy conversion. You would need a different handwheel in order for the treadle belt to fit and the bobbin winder to work, and if there are any treadle handwheels that fit 328K's out in the world, I haven't seen one. Here's how I converted mine:

  5. I was a ceramics person in another life, and I know the obsession with certain companies and their particular products. I have a number of bud vases that a local Seattle ceramic tile company made to show off their new glazes, and am always on the prowl for more.
    Mint McCoy!


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