Thursday, June 9, 2016

Machines for sale at the NC TOGA


It's that time of year again.  Time for what my friend Art calls "sewing machine summer camp".  The NC TOGA, Treadle On Gathering and Academy.  Think swap meet plus classes.

Activities at DragonPoodle Studio (the silly name for my basement sewing room.  and living room where the antique treadles live. and the dining room which houses a dozen or so machines. and the back bedroom where the tools and un-repaired sewing machines live.  basically my whole house.)  have changed fairly radically in the last few years.

The new knees require lots of time in the gym, and lots of walking (giant thrift stores meet that need now that the summer heat is here).  Much more time out and about, much less time working on sewing machines.  And my current craze in sewing machines is for painting them, but none of those will be for sale.  So I don't have tons of new machines to offer.  But I do have a few.  And I have a few left over from last year too.

I also usually re-check everything out before bringing them.  Not this year.  I will go over anything I bring during Susan's Tuesday class and share the results with potential buyers.


Kenmore 1040 case with rose pattern

Kenmore 1040 case
Last year I bought a case for a half-size Kenmore 1040 (its original case was slightly broken).  The seller threw in another slightly broken case.  If you put both of the slightly broken cases together they could make one good one.  Speak up if you want me to bring them.  It is possible that this would fit any of the Kenmore 10xx series but I cannot promise this.  Not on the price list because there is no charge!

In addition to the machines there will be vintage sewing books, vintage and vintage-y sewing accessories.   And some fabrics.



Wheeler & Wilson No. 9, unrestored but sewing perfectly

I sold the big van and bought a SUV, so only one treadle will fit!  but this one is a potential gem and deserves a blog post all to itself:  Wheeler & Wilson No. 9

Treadleable zigzaggers

Both of these Singers should fit in any Singer treadle.

Singer 177
Budget model basic zigzagger.  Budget model means no light and a directly wired and somewhat underpowered motor.  But if you want to treadle it you can remove the motor easily.


a Singer 237

Singer 237
This is a favorite model for treadling because of the zigzag capability.  Reliably all-metal except for two plastic parts (that I know of).  This arrived in the studio recently and I have not serviced it yet, but if you are interested I will have checked it out before you buy it.  and the photo is of last year's 237, but this year's looks just like it.  It does have a spool pin.


(A photo of the really cute New Home 671 will appear here if anyone is interested in seeing it.)

New Home 671
a lovely cam machine.  one problem:  the zigzag cam is NOT present.  Instead it has a blind stitch cam. Anybody want a blind stitch machine?

Non-treadleable zigzaggers/multi stitch machines

Singer 337, zigzagger

Singer 337.  It straight stitches and zigzags, what more do you need.  And it is turquoise! 


Singer 348, cam multi-stitch machine

Singer 348.  Another in the same family as the 337, but takes the flat black Singer cams (zigzag cam included).  I bought one of these (not this one) in 1968 and sewed on it until 2000, so this model has a special place in my heart.

Straight stitch machines

Singer 66, rust bucket edition

Singer 66.  Plenty of rust.  It wiggles rather than turns but it wiggles enough to make me think that it MIGHT be repairable.  No bobbin cover.

Update on the rusty 66.  I oiled it up and it is now turning, proving once again that it is hard to kill these old girls.  I'm bringing it whether anyone asks for it or not.  If no one takes it it will get imposed on someone via the raffle table!

At the time of writing this post, the Singer 66 bobbin slide cover is available from for around $6.


Singer 66 with motor and godzilla finish

Another, much nicer
Singer 66, crinkle or godzilla finish (pick your favorite nickname), with motor.  Missing bobbin slide cover.  turns freely.  treadle-able, but no motor mount--the motor is bolted to the frame in a different way.  so, not hand-crank-able.  The motor runs very slowly, no idea why.


Singer 27 BEFORE the front slide plate went to another machine

Singer 27.  No motor mount, so treadle-able, but not hand crank-able or motor-able. No front slide plate, but it does have a shuttle and bobbin.  And the price is really just for the shuttle and bobbin.  Turns very freely and sews well.  I did service this one and planned to re-paint it but I already have one no-motor-boss 27 already painted and don't see any need for another one. also has the 27 slide plates


the infamous Singer 285
the cute 285 case will also hold any other 3/4 size Singer
Kitty has dibs on this one.  Singer 285, in a case.  Richly deserves its reputation as the WORST cast iron machine ever made by Singer.  Fascinating mechanism, you might want to buy it just to study it and shake your head.  The nice case will fit a Singer 99 or 185.  And the price is really just for the case.  If you just want the case let me know and I will donate the machine to the landfill.  No kidding, I would never let this puppy loose on the unsuspecting thrift store public.


3/4 size Morse
Di has dibs on this one.  3/4 size Morse.  It sews well, it's cute, it's 3/4 size.  I had hope to fit a hand crank to it, but the motor mount is in the wrong place, so no way.


Singer 301, short bed
this is the cradle that allows a 301 to snap in and out of a cabinet

I refinished the top only of this cabinet and it looks good, but no photo of the top

binder, 3 extra bobbins, zipper/cording food, narrow hemmer, all slant shank for the 301

and a real GEM
Lynda has dibs.  Singer 301, black short bed.  In a lovely cabinet and with additional presser feet shown above. Buttonholer in pink Jetson case also included (but no photo).  If you don't know the 301, you should!  Same basic mechanism as the pricey Featherweight in a full size machine.

I will also sell it without the cabinet.  Price is for machine, cradle and cabinet.  If you want the machine and just the cradle the price will be the same.  If you don't want the cradle I will adjust the price.   the cradle lets you snap it in and out of the cabinet easily and quickly, making it great for taking to classes and events.

Now for the same not-so-fine print from the last post.

This will ONLY be for sale at the NC TOGA or at my home in North Carolina.  I will not ship under any conditions, so don't ask.  (Every year someone reads this and then pleads for an exception.)

I will only bring it if someone is seriously interested in buying it.  Seriously interested means that you really think that you WILL buy it if it lives up to the description.  You are NOT making a commitment in advance.  I WANT you to see it and try it out first.  If you change your mind there will be NO hard feelings.  This has been my policy every year and it works well.  It saves me from hauling heavy stuff to the TOGA and then back home again.

The asking price will be listed on the NC TOGA Yahoo group page but not here.  There are a lot of really good reasons for doing it this way. 

I always offer a 30 day guarantee but you would be responsible for getting the machine back to me within that time frame.  And not by shipping it!   So the guarantee policy is really for my local CraigsList sales but if you can get it back to me I would certainly honor it.

see you in Monroe!


  1. Where in NC is this TOGA? When is it?

    1. Monroe, beginning Monday, but most of the action is Thursday-Saturday.

  2. I'd love your Black 301 shorbed. Too bad I can't make it to the TOGA. That table is lovely, too.

  3. I wish with all my heart I was going to NC TOGA because I would take that Singer 348 off you in a heartbeat. I first sewed on one of those at a pattern drafting course I was taking at a local church here in Barbados. My instructor and classmates thought I was a bit silly for liking that machine so much lol. Although I went to class with my new Brother CS6000i, I would let the others in the class use mine and volunteer to use the 348. The sound was awesome, the stitch was the best that I had ever seen, the blue colour was beautiful. Maybe one year, I will be able to make it to NC TOGA. It sounds like lots of fun. If you are able to take pictures at the event, could you share those when you get back?


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