Friday, June 17, 2016

NC TOGA day 5: sew, buy, sell, trade

Today is THE big day at TOGA.  Everyone is at the church, everyone has brought machines to sew on, machines to sell, machines to drool over, machines to get advice and help with.  And lots of other vintage sewing goodies.

I had a lovely table outside with all my vintage goodies for sale.  And of course I forgot to take a picture of it.  I have been joking all week about being a photojournalist, but apparently I am not a very good one!

so here, in no particular order, and with very little commentary, are pictures from today.

 Connie made a paper pieced block that Edna demonstrated.

Singer 28, La Vencedora decals

Melissa working on a project 

 Beautiful Pfaff accessory box.  The little drawer it is in fits inside the case for....

 This lovely antique Pfaff.  

 A lovely blue Royal 15-clone with original manual marked "$189.50."

Singer 28, I think the decal set is "Victorian". 

 Pretty sure this is a Singer 185.

A Wizard 15-clone.

 Edna taught how to make dusters out of fleece and Susan shows her results.

 Singer Merritt in PINK

Tomorrow is more of the same for half a day, ending with a raffle.


  1. Wow, I could hardly contain myself if I was there! It seems like a dream experience!

  2. We need Edna to teach the dusters at a few other TOGA's. I've never seen a spool pin doily on a bobbin winder before. I guess I should clean up my keyboard, after drooling over all those lovely machines. That Pfaff box, in a box was interesting. Lovely machine it went with, too.


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